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Members have the opportunity to earn 3 hours of service by writing 6 letters of encouragement to:
a. Medical Workers (for distribution at St. Jude Hospital in Fullerton)
b. Grocery Store Workers (for distribution at several different local grocery stores)
c. Transportation Workers (to be distributed to workers at Enterprise Rent a Car)
d. Seniors (for distribution at Morningside Retirement Community in Fullerton)

Feel free to use your creative skills and prepare your letter in publishing software or by hand. Unlike our Operation Gratitude letters that are a little more professional, it's OK to get colorful in your design, add pictures, etc. We envision these letters being posted in common areas or break rooms, so they should be easy to read in a large font. We've created a few samples to get you started, but please express your own feelings and style:


Completed letters can either be dropped off at our collection location (see address below) or sent digitally. For physical letters, please place them into a plastic Ziplock-style bag labeled with your full name and the type of letter(s) enclosed - do not seal them in envelopes, as they will be read for content before distribution. For example, to get 3 hours of credit, you can place 2 senior letters in one bag, 2 medical worker letters in one bag & 2 transportation worker letters in one bag and deposit them into the appropriately labeled boxes at the collection location. It's up to you how you distribute the could do all six letters to grocery store workers, if you wanted. Just make sure they are bagged separately and labeled. For physical letters, the drop off location is:

711 W. Valencia Mesa, Fullerton, 92835
On the Front Porch
*Letters will be collected every Thursday through the rest of this month

If you are handy with Photoshop or Word, or have a good quality scanner, you can also email your letters in PDF format to

Any questions? Please email

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